DAEMON Tools USB is no longer supported

  • We have to inform you that DAEMON Tools USB has been discontinued. Instead, we’d like to introduce you to DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target that includes the functionality of DAEMON Tools USB server and some more. DAEMON Tools Lite + iSCSI Initiator feature or DAEMON Tools Ultra may be used as client apps. Both of them allow you to work with various types of images and virtual drives besides sharing USB devices.
  • DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target is a server storage to share virtual and physical optical drives, VHDs and USB devices. Using it together with iSCSI Initiators developed by DAEMON Tools, you can share all your USB devices with other computers in the local network.
  • Buy DAEMON Tools Lite + iSCSI Initiator feature and get DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target for free!

3 PCs + 永久のアップデート + iSCSI Initiator feature
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$12.99 から

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Windows 統合

Windows 統合

Explorer からたくさんの DAEMON Tools Lite 機能がアクセスできます。

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DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target を選んでありがとうございました!

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DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target インスタレーションガイド

DAEMONTools.exe をダブルクリックして下さい。
DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target

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