DAEMON Tools Net 6.0.0

Released: February 2, 2017

What's new:

  • Use DAEMON Tools Ultra, Pro and Lite as clients
  • Install DAEMON Tools Net on Windows and Linux
  • Check the new interface

Bugs fixed:

  • Minor bugs

Release notes history

Release What's new Bugs fixed
Released: January 24, 2013
  • Major improvements of service work, Network Manager and Gadget;
  • iSCSI protocol improvment;
  • Acquiring credentials when mounting network shared images to iSCSI targets;
  • APE, FLAC mounting and sharing through iSCSI;
  • SPTD 1.83 (Windows 8 support);
  • GUI redesign and improvement;
  • Flexible scheme of adding DT and SCSI virtual devices;
  • SPTD: attached devices read speed improvement;
  • Storing of encrypted proxy password in the registry;
  • Image converting as a group operation;
  • Enhanced extractor for burning protected discs in image editor;
  • Setup changes and improvements.
  • Unable to mount images from Network Image Catalog if NetBIOS is not used in the LAN;
  • Deploy/Update/Uninstall operations failed in some cases;
  • Incorrect role is deployed when installing Client after Data Server on the same PC;
  • Activated Data Server is not shown in Network Manager;
  • Client info is not refreshed after performing Revoke command;
  • Unexpected adding of nonexistent images to Image Catalog;
  • IDE device disappeared after standby or hibernation;
  • Minor bugs.
Released: May 5, 2011
  • New independent installation roles: Data Server and Network Manager.
  • Deploy and license management of DAEMON Tools Net clients with Network Manager.
  • Get Basic Emulation with DT Virtual Device based on a new PnP driver.
  • Mount iSCSI Targets to DT Virtual Devices instead of using MS iSCSI Initiator.
  • Attach SCSI and IDE virtual devices to physical ones.
  • Share any physical or virtual devices via iSCSI targets.
  • Secure image sharing. Integration with Windows authorization subsystem.
  • Customize Windows Shell context menu for images and virtual devices.
  • Image Catalog integration to Windows Explorer.
  • Network images mounting to iSCSI targets.
  • Burn images with RMPS data.
  • Support of APE images.
  • New SPTD 1.78.
  • Incompatibility of DAEMON Tools and Power2Go, PowerDVD;
  • Ignoring Locked Applications during uninstallation;
  • External USB HDD with virtual CDROM drives detection issue;
  • Incorrect detection reading speed of some new devices;
  • Impossibility to mount large-sized B6T images;
  • Image Editor unstability on Asian Windows localizations;
  • Crash of DT Gadget if Internet Explorer 9 is installed;
  • Switching to Sleep Mode while disc burning;
  • Not saving DVD Region of a device after reboot;
  • Nonoptimal CPU using;
  • Handles' leaks in Sidebar Gadget;
  • Minor bugs.
Released: January 6, 2010