Find out more about product activation

To use DAEMON Tools products, you need to activate them. The information below will lead you through DAEMON Tools licensing system and help choose the one you need.

Free, Trial and Paid Licenses

The basic functionality of DAEMON Tools Lite is free for non-commercial use. Other DAEMON Tools products require paid licenses. We provide subscriptions for some of our applications. Subscription lets you use the product and all updates released during the subscription period. Before you purchase it, you can register for 14-day Free Subscription to evaluate the app features. Also, there are some products that require a serial number. They come in two editions: Trial and Paid, and Trial lets you use the application for 20 days before you go for Paid.

Lifetime updates and Lifetime Subscriptions

Each Paid license includes free minor updates and 24/7 support. Lifetime updates are available for selected products and allow you to get all forthcoming major software versions too. Want to use only up-to-date products? Don't forget to add Lifetime updates to your license. Lifetime Subscription grants you the unlimited usage of the selected product and all upcoming updates for it.

Activation and security

To activate a Subscription (both Free or Paid), log in to your personal account using the email and password during the installation or from the License menu in your application. To activate a Paid license, enter a Serial number. Note that Internet connection is required to validate and activate the license properly. Licenses may get updates from time to time, so please adjust your firewall and antivirus to accept pings from our servers.

To counter fraudulent activities, we have temporarily restricted the option to change the account email address without valid reasons. This measure is in place to ensure the integrity of our services and transparency.

Personal account

Activation info and download links are securely stored in your personal account and can be reached anytime at your convenience. You can also buy updates and additional features, add more PCs to your license or prolong the Subscription here.

In case you have changed some hardware or reinstalled OS, you can revoke one of outdated license activations (PCs) to re-activate it again.