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Common questions and detailed answers

Tem perguntas sobre os sistemas operativos suportados, licenças de teste/pagas ou compras? A maioria destas já foram resolvidas, e poderá encontrar aqui a informação de que precisa.

1What are system requirements for DAEMON Tools?
Operating Systems
  • Windows 98
    • até DAEMON Tools Lite 3.47
  • Windows 2000
    • até DAEMON Tools Pro 4.36.0308
    • até DAEMON Tools Lite 4.35.6
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows 7
    • DAEMON Tools Pro 4.35.0306 or later
    • DAEMON Tools Lite 4.35.5 or later
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • DAEMON Tools Pro 4.35.0306 or later
    • DAEMON Tools Lite 4.35.5 or later
  • Windows 8
    • DAEMON Tools Pro 5.2.0 or later
    • DAEMON Tools Lite 4.46.1 or later
  • Windows 8.1
    • DAEMON Tools Pro 6.1 or later
    • DAEMON Tools Lite 4.48.1 or later
  • Windows 10
    • DAEMON Tools Pro 6.1 or later
    • DAEMON Tools Lite 5 or later
    • DAEMON Tools Ultra 3.1 or later
Minimum Hardware
  • CPU 500 MHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 30 MB de espaço no disco rígido para a instalação
2Where can I get a serial number to install DAEMON Tools?

Serial number is a 32-symbol code required for activation of a paid license. Once you have purchased DAEMON Tools software, you are registered to You can download program setup, get serial number and manage your license via your account at My Licenses page.

Não precisa de qualquer número de série para instalar a versão de testes do DAEMON Tools Pro ou do DAEMON Tools Lite, que é gratuita para utilização pessoal e não profissional. Basta selecionar 'Licença de Testes' no assistente de instalação do DAEMON Tools Pro e 'Licença Gratuita' quando instalar o DAEMON Tools Lite.

3Is DAEMON Tools software free or not?

O DAEMON Tools não é freeware. Apenas o DAEMON Tools Lite é gratuito para utilização pessoal e não profissional. No caso de pretender utilizar o DAEMON Tools em qualquer organização, precisa de comprar uma licença.

4Can I try DAEMON Tools products before purchasing?

We highly recommend installing full functional 20-day trial of DAEMON Tools products before buying to check whether this software meets your requirements.

Por favor, tenha em atenção que se já tiver utilizado anteriormente a versão de testes do DAEMON Tools, o período de 20 dias será reduzido para 3 dias.

5Where can I find DAEMON Tools tutorial?

Os nossos manuais on-line ajudam a encontrar respostas para as perguntas comuns sobre como utilizar o software DAEMON Tools. Por favor, visite:

DAEMON Tools Ultra - Ajuda
DAEMON Tools Pro - Ajuda
DAEMON Tools Lite - Ajuda
DAEMON Tools for Mac - Ajuda
DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target - Ajuda
DAEMON Tools Net - Ajuda

Também pode colocar questões no fórum da comunidade do DAEMON Tools.

6Where can I discuss some issues concerning DAEMON Tools or share my experience?

You can find a lot of helpful information about DAEMON Tools and share your experience with other people at our community forum.

7How can I contact DAEMON Tools customer support?

On program issues, please contact our Technical support.

  • Submeta um pedido de suporte na nossa página de contacto. Se tiver comprado, preencha o campo "E-mail de contacto" com o endereço de e-mail, que utilizou quando comprou o DAEMON Tools.
  • Contact support team using account. This is more preferable for paid customers to get premium technical support in the shortest possible time.
  • Submit request via DAEMON Tools: open context menu in tray, select "Help" and "Submit Request" item.
8Can I get my money back if something is wrong?

We do not want you to pay for the software you do not need. So you are welcome to test the fully-functional trial versions of our products before buying them. Still we may refund your order during 30 days after the purchase if the purchased product doesn't meet the declared requirements. Note that the information on is promotional and may not cover all features and functions of the software.

Todos os reembolsos são individuais, por isso, não hesite em contactar a nossa equipa de suporte se encontrar quaisquer problemas com os produtos comprados. Além disso, visite a página Termos de Venda para obter mais detalhes.

9I replaced a hard drive / re-installed Windows / bought a new PC / tried to run DAEMON Tools on my second PC. Now I get "already activated on another system" message while installing DAEMON Tools. What should I do?

DAEMON Tools software activation is associated with your Operating System and to some hardware components in your PC.
In such cases you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Clique em "Mostrar Detalhes" para abrir a lista de sistemas no qual o DAEMON Tools foi ativado.
  3. Clique em "Revogar" para desassociar o DAEMON Tools do sistema antigo do Windows, etc.

Now you can use DAEMON Tools on your second PC, new hard drive, operating system etc.
Otherwise, you can order additional instances.

10I have several home computers (or operating systems on my PC). Can I run DAEMON Tools products on all systems?

DAEMON Tools Ultra and DAEMON Tools Pro can be run on all systems if your license has a corresponding quantity of Instances. Please log in to your account to check "Instances" quantity of your DAEMON Tools Ultra and DAEMON Tools Pro license.

In case Instances quantity is not enough, you can:

  • Order additional instances.
  • Unassign DAEMON Tools Ultra or DAEMON Tools Pro from the selected system using "Revoke" link. Then you will be able to run the software on a different system. In this case using "Revoke" option will be required every time when switching between systems to run DAEMON Tools Ultra or DAEMON Tools Pro on.

DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target can be used on 3 PCs (servers). For additional servers you should buy as many DAEMON Tools iSCSI Target licenses as you need with 3 available servers each.

11My physical DVD drive disappeared from the system after I installed DAEMON Tools. How to fix it?

In case a virtual or physical device does not appear in Explorer:

  1. Check whether it is listed in Device Manager.
    If you cannot find the device even in "Other devices" list, please reboot your computer and check BIOS settings. In case no device is found in BIOS you have a hardware problem.
  2. Open "General" tab to check the device status.
  3. Open "Drivers" tab to update the device drivers.

If you cannot find the device in Explorer after completing steps 2 and 3 but it is listed in Device Manager, you seem to have a problem related to operating system.

Similar cases were discussed at DAEMON Tools forum:
No drive letter(s) assigned to the virtual drive(s), or virtual drive(s) disappear
Unable to set new drive letter under Vista

12I've mounted a disc image to virtual drive via DAEMON Tools and nothing happens. What's wrong?

Likely, Autorun (Autoplay) is disabled in your Windows so you cannot browse the disc image immediately after mounting.

Open My Computer and try to browse the disc image, open folders or copy files to your local hard drive. If you can perform all these actions it means you have mounted the image successfully.

13In a couple of days after installing DAEMON Tools I got a message: "This program requires at least Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.69 or higher. Kernel debugger must be deactivated". I updated the SPTD driver, uninstalled and re-installed DAEMON Tools but it didn't help. How can I fix that?

Usually, the problem is caused by incompatibility of DAEMON Tools and security software like Comodo Firewall (or Zone Alarm) that can block SPTD driver.

Please complete the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Download SPTD for your 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.
  2. Run the driver setup and click Update (or Install)
  3. Restart Windows.
  4. Run SPTD setup the second time. If you can see "same SPTD version was detected" text then the driver was installed successfully.
  5. Re-install DAEMON Tools.
14I've tried to install DAEMON Tools several times but I constantly get "Internal setup error: code 14" error message. What's wrong?

Some security programs (antivirus, firewall, HIPS etc.) can block SPTD driver. So you should check your security software settings first.
If you continue getting this error message, please visit our forum to find some troubleshooting information:

Internal Setup Error Code 14
Internal setup error . error code : 14 ???

15I get "Error in command line" when trying to open an image file with right-click menu ("Open with..." item) in Windows Explorer. What’s wrong?

DAEMON Tools does not provide mounting disc images via "Open with..." menu in Explorer. You can mount by double-clicking on an image file instead. Just enable needed file associations in DAEMON Tools to mount disc images in two clicks.

DAEMON Tools Lite users:

  1. Open "Preferences..." in tray menu.
  2. In "Integration" section select file extensions you want to mount via Explorer by double-clicking on an image file.

More detailed information is available in DAEMON Tools Lite manual.

Utilizadores do DAEMON Tools Profissional:

  1. Open "Tools" menu and select "Preferences..." menu item.
  2. Select needed file extensions, configure and group context menu items if needed.

DAEMON Tools Pro manual provides more information.

16What are the payment and delivery options?

Pode colocar uma encomenda, utilizando um carrinho de compras no O número de série será enviado eletronicamente para o seu e-mail. Mais tarde, irá poder aceder e gerir a sua licença em qualquer momento com a sua conta pessoal.

Available payment methods depend on your location. Here is the full list of supported payment systems:

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online. Pay with your credit card without exposing your credit card number to the merchant.

Please note, that there might be a 3-4 day delay with delivery of software License if you choose to pay with PayPal Credit (former eCheck) or other similar type of PayPal payments.
Credit Card via PayPal
Credit Card via PayPal accepts transactions without creating PayPal account. In selected countries only. Please refer to for more info.
Credit Card via SWREG
Worldwide credit card payments accepted. The following credit cards are supported: Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, Eurocard, JCB. Also you can pay with Credit Card by Fax, Credit Card by Phone, Wire Transfer with Proforma Invoice (USD Only).

Please note that this payment method is NOT eligible for microtransactions (5.00 EUR/6.00 USD or less).

O sistema de pagamento eletrónico chinês mais popular.
Bank Transfer
As transferências bancárias podem demorar até 3-4 dias para atingirem a nossa conta bancária. Todas as taxas bancárias serão pagas pelo emissor da transferência.
WebMoney Transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities.

You should pay the WebMoney invoice by using Keeper, and then come back to and press "Checkout Invoice" button to complete the order.

You can check the certificate of WMID 786730089551
Check certificate
Pay your order with Yandex.Money via PayPro.

Note that refund is not available for Yandex.Money. You will need Webmoney or PayPal accounts in this case.

Boleto bancário
Boleto Bancário é um método de pagamento oficial regulado pelo Banco Central Brasileiro.

Por favor, note: o sistema bancário brasileiro confirma boletos pagos no dia útil seguinte, de terça-feira a sábado.

Transferência Bancária (TEF)
This service allows payments among customers of different banks to be made electronically. Customers can place orders at their own banks for a fund transfer to any third party holding a bank account at any bank.

Please note: Available for Brazilian customers only.

17Como desinstalar o DAEMON Tools?

Go to the Control Panel, find Programs section and choose Uninstall a program. Find DAEMON Tools in the list and click Uninstall/Change button.